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Many events have occurred since opening this site. Today I sit knowing more about the energy of Oresh, feeling more at peace with that energy and letting go of the need to share beyond what is already shared. Writing this story is still happening, it is not so urgent now. Moving beyond simply sitting and writing, my intention is to share the bliss and peace I have found through meditation. It is with this fully present in my awareness that I am moving into offering meditation as a way of generating peace and productivity in the workplace.

Meditation is, in my opinion, the key to finding the self. Turning inward brings not only peace, it also brings wisdom, understanding and compassion. As you seek to find a path you wish to travel, meditation will bring you to a place of understanding.

In order to explain a little more about oreshmemoirs.com, I share that Oresh is my angelic over-soul, the energy form I return to when I leave the Earth and the being from which I draw the memories which are coalescing into “Oresh: Memoirs of an Angel”. Ultimately we are all part of something far greater than the human we are, something more akin to pure energy and awareness than physical being.

Meditation is my field of expertise. My experience includes more than thirteen years of guiding others to deepen their inner knowledge of themselves, facilitating their understanding of their spiritual gifts, linking them to their own guides and angels, learning to become more fluid and open myself and, most important of all, connecting to Source/God/Goddess/Universal Energy.

In my world all humans, yes all, are clairvoyant. Some may prefer to use the term intuitive however, in my opinion, that is merely semantics. We are all clairvoyant and all have access to the higher realms of existence. Meditation allows us to still our ever moving minds and flow into the stillness that is Source. One of my passions is to teach others to find a way to be their own clairvoyant.

This site is dedicated to Oresh and his/her memories. The memories of an ancient Earth long before mankind walked its surface, of rising out of the “God Ocean” to the Divine Will and of the lands of myth and legend.


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