To change a name

From Oresh to Andrew and Leon and continuing onwards through time to Lee-Anne.

Now it is time to accept my married self and I find it so difficult to let go of my maiden name. Attachment is interesting and difficult as it snakes its way around parts of life we don’t always expect. The stress I feel at taking on my married name is only matched by the stress of considering owning the name Oresh.

In this life I am Lee-Anne and, yet, I am always Oresh.

Perhaps it is time to learn to love and accept the whole.

Moving back in with me

Today I decided to move back in with myself. Finding the hidden truth of my own life purpose – Astronomy – has left me needing to to move beyond the mould cast for me by others. Hence I am looking into my soul and seeing, perhaps for the first time, the traces of myself. It is blissful and enlightening – all this time, so much of my life, spent being someone others saw. Now I see me and I like me. There is a softness, a sweetness I never knew existed. There is light and shadow. There is joy. And, most importantly of all, there is Lee-Anne. Soon it will come to pass the writing will continue. For now I continue to discover me.

Complications in the writing

Today I reached a milestone, the writing became stilted and wouldn’t flow. Writer’s block? No, I think not. Too many questions in my mind is more the issue. Look at myself and find the key to letting go and moving into a deeper awareness of the energy of Oresh, not as separate from myself but rather as myself. Yes, I’ve reached a milestone, and here I will stand until the next step is revealed.

More to come on this as it unfolds.

To all who voted, thank you

My journey in the competition Next Top Spiritual Author has ended today. I have not made the quantum leap forward to which I breathe a sigh of relief :) As much as being in the competition was interesting it was also challenging to me on many levels.

For now, Oresh and I will continue to write. Our book will be published one way or another.

In love and light

Sharing the light is a blessing
A movement forward in time
Dancing this life is but a moment
Of wonder for a soul divine
Playing the Earth game is fun
Laughter and joy and tears
Forgetting and remembering
Changing, growing through years
Each moment gains momentum
Experience providing the thrust
Into another new you
Floating in love, sustained by trust.

c Lee-Anne

Finding a pathway in:

Finding a pathway in:

Mountains move the Sky
Yes, they do, I know why
Without the mountains Sky is lonely
Looking at a flat Earth only
Outward, upward pushes Earth
Reaching up to the higher path
Holding vast fingers to the Sky
Saying hold me, love me, be with I
The Sky wraps cloudy mist around
The highest fingers ever found
Lovingly sharing, accepting love
Giving back to Earth from Above
Rain, shade, mist and more
Offering a pathway, an open door
Look at my vastness speaks open Sky
See in me the where and why
Of who you are, oh beauteous Earth
Of who you were before your birth
Look at me and know your self
I look at you and deeper delve
Into the heart and soul of me
Deeper down the paths between
Fingers into mountain sides
Deeper and deeper still inside
Paths of truth to the heart
Proving Earth and Sky never part
In fact are one and same
Regardless of space and name
Earth gives to Sky a defining space
Sky gives to Earth a defining place
Mountains join them help them share
Between the two, one is there
Clouds touch mountains rain falls
Mountains touch sky and call
Come and be a friend to me
Closer now and closer still be
Wrap your shrouds of mist about
My shoulder upward peaking out
Come, Sky, dress me up in stars
Come, Sky, hold me in your arms
Clouds form around mountain peaks
Stars shine brightly and Sky speaks
You need no dressing you are fine
Earth is beautiful, Earth is divine
Stars I shine for you to see
The light of you, your own beauty
Just as I see in you
The beauty of me too
In your water, hills and trees
Is my reflection, this I see
We are one, we are same
Always, ever since we became.
Lay you down on sweet Earth
Shut your mind, think of birth
Look up to the open Sky
Then know mountains and know why.

c Lee-Anne Irvine

Just because I can

I’m beginning to open my wings once again and flying towards those who need some guidance. Meditation has been the basis of all my work up until now and will continue to be that until the day I return to Source and the God Ocean. It is a blessing to be able to offer my services as a facilitator and now, finally, to be moving out into guiding others in becoming facilitators.
To be excited!!!! Yay, I’m excited, really excited by a move forward in a direction I love.

Precious Light

Making the decision to move forward is hardest when sitting in the shadow of ourselves. Somehow all seems too difficult, too lonely, too far and too boring. Why move? Why take one more step into the abyss of life? Why not just sit here where it is safe? What if I move and it all goes to “hell in a hand basket”? What if I succeed?

The precious light which shines inside can only be seen when we look out from under the shadow. Success can only occur when we step outside our comfort zone and try.