Returning to the Wild: A page in the Memoirs of Oresh

Returning to the Wild:

Finding a place into which you can flow and move without dreaming is a rare gift as a human. There are many open spaces to remind you of the openness of Source, many great mountains to remind you of the climb home and many grassy vales to let you know there is always a soft landing should you fall. Returning to nature, to the Wild places, brings you closer to Source than you know.

Look out of the window now. You see trees and flowers and walls.The flowers soften the walls, the trees shade the flowers, the green opens the mind to “as above so below” and the walls remind you of what humans build to keep their true nature out. Inside the walls you are safe from the outside world, yes, except in a storm, and yet you are not truly free. Outside the walls you may not be entirely safe from the outside world but you are free. You can look up and see the vastness of space overhead, you can look down and see the vastness of Earth beneath your feet. You can hear birdsong more clearly and feel the breeze on your skin. Outside is where you find the connection to Source more intensely. And this is true of all life.

Meditation, in the quiet inner spaces of your mind, you are safe and can touch the essence of Source. Yes, this is a pure and serene way to remember your way home. However, try the meditation of walking amongst the other beings of this world and knowing all is Source. Seeing your essence in them, feeling Source flow between you, connecting you, entwining you and opening you to being free to be outside. Inner work meditation is all very well for connection where you feel unconnected. Where you wish to connect most truly to Source, however, you need to be outside amongst the energetic flow of the human world. Yes, it is so.

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