Meditation on the Rose

Sit quietly breathing in slowly and out slowly. Be conscious of each breath. Touch each breath with your nostrils and your thought. What is the breath carrying in? What is it carrying out? Focus on the lungs as they expand. Feel them fill with air and then expel the air. What is the air bringing to you? What is it taking away from you?

Close your eyes and continue to breathe.

See in front of your closed eyes a pathway lined with roses. Colours and fragrance surround you as you walk along the path. There is one bush, one rose which catches you eye. Focus on the rose, breathe in its scent, touch the petals. Continue to focus only on this rose, on the glowing stamen, on the delicate blush of the petals. Know this rose. Listen to this rose. Feel this rose. Become this rose.

When you have found the essence of the rose in yourself allow the images to fade. Focus again on your breath. Focus on your toes and fingers moving and gently bringing you to full awake awareness.

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