This page will be updated as I discover more. For now, the telescope arrived at Christmas!! Wow. Now I can see the detail in the sky. Somehow, the love of Astronomy is not about the stars and their names, it is about what makes the stars be stars, how they “work”, what gives them definition and the intricacies of the knowledge. Ah, the intellectual me arises.

The challenges continue – I am studying and learning. Dark matter, hmmm, what is it? Why can’t we find it? Could it be nothing? Could it be everything? Science, gotta love it!!!!

Astronomy is now a goal in the distance as I tackle the bigger problem – myself. Bit by bit I am discovering a relentless energy within me to avoid study. This is challenging as study is the only way for me to achieve the result I desire. However, I love the challenge, love the results and know I will finish the current course. What lies ahead no-one knows, not even me.

Well, I’ve completed stage one and am now taking a break. It would seem I am unable to decide to let study go or to continue. Difficult decision and one I will leave until I am sure.

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