Twin Flames and Gurus

So often I am asked to give readings on whether someone should leave their partner because it is felt that the partner is not as spiritually developed as the questioner. Remember, as you lift and grow, so too do they.

Too often we get blasé about what we have and who we are with and forget to look for the greatness in our own back yard. Imagine being the teacher, movie star or the clairvoyant who is constantly approached by people claiming to be his/her twin flame or past life love.

It is partly because we recognise our own magnificence in the teacher/master that we feel we are in love with them. Sadly, it is also because they are usually good looking and gentle. They also glow with amazing spiritual light and look with unconditional love at those they teach. It is easy to misread and misunderstand the unconditional love of a master as a personal love for you.
However, the person who truly loves you and knows you most deeply is your life partner. Give them the benefit of honouring their greatness as you honour the greatness of the stranger (or even the spiritually evolved friend) on the stage or screen.

One of the biggest challenges we face is recognising the spiritual master in our loved ones and friends even though they may not exhibit it as clearly as those who are out there teaching. The partner you are with may well be your “twin flame”. Look to them for the support and love they offer unconditionally to you. See in them the gift of being the wind beneath your wings.

When you ask yourself “who am I?” remember to listen for the answer. In a world where the spiritual is still considered outdated and outmoded finding a way to make sense of the unseen energies can be difficult. When you ask yourself “who am I?” remember to look around you for the answer.

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