The Blind

They flocked to him, those desolate birds
Winding on the wing, to sit at his feet
His gentle heart gave life to the lost
In his hands was bread soft and sweet.
His lady dog watched on by
Seeing him safe, keeping him sound
Her faithful soul, his companion true
Her eyes to see, his seeing hound.
Life he gives without a thought
I watch from the car as he gives
Nurture and sustenance to the birds,
By his generosity each bird lives.
Through depth of winter, hard and cold,
Though snow and ice fill the land
The birds are fed by the blind and his dog,
My sweet grandfather, his gentle hand,
Offers up life to the unwanted, the cursed,
In true caring and love.
Who else would know but one so isolated,
He who gives peace and food to the dove.

Lee-Anne Christmas 2014


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