Turquoise Dragon

His serpentine body coiled beneath the gentle water, it broke into wavelets over his body. Long had he lain there, sleeping, sleeping the deep sleep of the ancient. Grains of sand, barnacles, human feet and starfish caught on his scales adding to his ancient being. He didn’t mind. As long as all above him thought him a reef, he was content to sleep. Then there was her. He sensed her approach every day, his dreams were filled with the siren call of her innocence, her ancient bloodline. He had waited long for his rider to return to physical form, to become alive again. She didn’t know him, his dreams would sing when she did. When she saw him with her heart then, and only then, would he rise from his slumber and call his kind back to the air. For now, the waves continued to swish against his barnacled body and the steam from his nostrils rose to the sky as clouds.


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