Meditation is the art of stillness, of finding a place deep within yourself where you can connect to your God, to your Source.

In meditation are the answers to ancient riddles and many pathways home. On this page I will post simple guided meditations, written at first and later, when I get more savvy with the technology, verbal.

The meditations I use are guided, visual and with the purpose of opening the listener to their own inner world, their own spiritual gifts. My sense of responsibility for the safety and well-being of those listening to the meditations is high, so I will always take you into yourself safely and will return you to the waking world safely.

2 thoughts on “Meditation

  1. Darlingk Lee-Anne,

    Please do an audio link on your website, so people can meditate to your guided meditations.

    For me, it would be just like sitting with you in circle again!
    I have missed keenly sitting with you in circle for years now.

    Please consider,


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