Welcome to my Poetry Page. Poetry, for me, is a release, a way of sharing how I feel and offering the beauty of the written word.

We Walk in Time

One step forward and a new day dawns
A little heartfelt smile and another heart warms
Fireworks are pretty flashes in the dark
When they are over what continues joy’s sweet spark?

Laughter, pure and simple, gales and peals of glee
Happiness shining in eyes, sweet simplicity
Getting outside in the sun collecting golden rays
Counting not the minutes or wishing away the days

Living every moment to its fullest and its best
Sleeping when required and enjoying blissful rest
A little time for others and a lot of time for you
Equals joy full boundless and alters your view

So, live a little sweeter, laugh a whole lot more
Remember when you’re over life to simply lock the door
Give love and joy to others again and again
And give yourself the love you seek before you give again

Knowing joy in you will set the others free
To laugh and play and find and unlock their joy key
Forget the past, let it go, it is not current anymore
In your hand, in your heart, is the present’s open door.

Happy New Year


Lee-Anne 01 01 2010

Dreaming in Harps and Chords

Place a dream in a kiss
A smile in your heart
A little smell of bliss
Light and a little dark
Throw in a loving hug
A tree in full bloom
Heartstrings to tug
A glow to dispel gloom
Angels flying in
To lift you way up high
You then are on wing
Turn, look, you are alive

Lee-Anne 6th Feb 2010

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