The Greens WA Ecological Sustainability Core Policy

My heart is with all things environmentally balanced and sustainable. As I move deeper into life, I find myself returning to my roots of being as gentle to all life on this planet as possible. It is not easy, it takes making core changes to life and trying to be as ethically minded as possible. The result is a move into taking my feelings and turning them into action. This policy, strong and clear, talks the same language as my heart does.
The Greens WA Ecological Sustainability Core Policy

Turquoise Dragon

His serpentine body coiled beneath the gentle water, it broke into wavelets over his body. Long had he lain there, sleeping, sleeping the deep sleep of the ancient. Grains of sand, barnacles, human feet and starfish caught on his scales adding to his ancient being. He didn’t mind. As long as all above him thought him a reef, he was content to sleep. Then there was her. He sensed her approach every day, his dreams were filled with the siren call of her innocence, her ancient bloodline. He had waited long for his rider to return to physical form, to become alive again. She didn’t know him, his dreams would sing when she did. When she saw him with her heart then, and only then, would he rise from his slumber and call his kind back to the air. For now, the waves continued to swish against his barnacled body and the steam from his nostrils rose to the sky as clouds.


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Moonly love



The city emptied quickly and effortlessly, flowing like water into a stream. Beneath our feet liquid light drew us in, pulled us down through time and space into the Earth realm, the physical, the 3D.

What had happened to cause this endless flow from light to manifest matter? Why had the ceaseless ceased? Eternity had ended and become mortal with no explanation. Suddenly wings of light became Moonlight and the Moon melted into an Earthly stream. As we angels poured from light to water the Moon retreated to a small satellite of Earth. We were abandoned, betrayed, left to become human.

Beings of light we fell from grace into water and clay. Now we seek the key to return to that distant Source of light. Ah, Mother Moon, your tears have let us go.


The Blind

They flocked to him, those desolate birds
Winding on the wing, to sit at his feet
His gentle heart gave life to the lost
In his hands was bread soft and sweet.
His lady dog watched on by
Seeing him safe, keeping him sound
Her faithful soul, his companion true
Her eyes to see, his seeing hound.
Life he gives without a thought
I watch from the car as he gives
Nurture and sustenance to the birds,
By his generosity each bird lives.
Through depth of winter, hard and cold,
Though snow and ice fill the land
The birds are fed by the blind and his dog,
My sweet grandfather, his gentle hand,
Offers up life to the unwanted, the cursed,
In true caring and love.
Who else would know but one so isolated,
He who gives peace and food to the dove.

Lee-Anne Christmas 2014


Twin Flames and Gurus

So often I am asked to give readings on whether someone should leave their partner because it is felt that the partner is not as spiritually developed as the questioner. Remember, as you lift and grow, so too do they.

Too often we get blasé about what we have and who we are with and forget to look for the greatness in our own back yard. Imagine being the teacher, movie star or the clairvoyant who is constantly approached by people claiming to be his/her twin flame or past life love.

It is partly because we recognise our own magnificence in the teacher/master that we feel we are in love with them. Sadly, it is also because they are usually good looking and gentle. They also glow with amazing spiritual light and look with unconditional love at those they teach. It is easy to misread and misunderstand the unconditional love of a master as a personal love for you.
However, the person who truly loves you and knows you most deeply is your life partner. Give them the benefit of honouring their greatness as you honour the greatness of the stranger (or even the spiritually evolved friend) on the stage or screen.

One of the biggest challenges we face is recognising the spiritual master in our loved ones and friends even though they may not exhibit it as clearly as those who are out there teaching. The partner you are with may well be your “twin flame”. Look to them for the support and love they offer unconditionally to you. See in them the gift of being the wind beneath your wings.

When you ask yourself “who am I?” remember to listen for the answer. In a world where the spiritual is still considered outdated and outmoded finding a way to make sense of the unseen energies can be difficult. When you ask yourself “who am I?” remember to look around you for the answer.


This page will be updated as I discover more. For now, the telescope arrived at Christmas!! Wow. Now I can see the detail in the sky. Somehow, the love of Astronomy is not about the stars and their names, it is about what makes the stars be stars, how they “work”, what gives them definition and the intricacies of the knowledge. Ah, the intellectual me arises.

The challenges continue – I am studying and learning. Dark matter, hmmm, what is it? Why can’t we find it? Could it be nothing? Could it be everything? Science, gotta love it!!!!

Astronomy is now a goal in the distance as I tackle the bigger problem – myself. Bit by bit I am discovering a relentless energy within me to avoid study. This is challenging as study is the only way for me to achieve the result I desire. However, I love the challenge, love the results and know I will finish the current course. What lies ahead no-one knows, not even me.

Well, I’ve completed stage one and am now taking a break. It would seem I am unable to decide to let study go or to continue. Difficult decision and one I will leave until I am sure.

Meditation on the Rose

Sit quietly breathing in slowly and out slowly. Be conscious of each breath. Touch each breath with your nostrils and your thought. What is the breath carrying in? What is it carrying out? Focus on the lungs as they expand. Feel them fill with air and then expel the air. What is the air bringing to you? What is it taking away from you?

Close your eyes and continue to breathe.

See in front of your closed eyes a pathway lined with roses. Colours and fragrance surround you as you walk along the path. There is one bush, one rose which catches you eye. Focus on the rose, breathe in its scent, touch the petals. Continue to focus only on this rose, on the glowing stamen, on the delicate blush of the petals. Know this rose. Listen to this rose. Feel this rose. Become this rose.

When you have found the essence of the rose in yourself allow the images to fade. Focus again on your breath. Focus on your toes and fingers moving and gently bringing you to full awake awareness.

Returning to the Wild: A page in the Memoirs of Oresh

Returning to the Wild:

Finding a place into which you can flow and move without dreaming is a rare gift as a human. There are many open spaces to remind you of the openness of Source, many great mountains to remind you of the climb home and many grassy vales to let you know there is always a soft landing should you fall. Returning to nature, to the Wild places, brings you closer to Source than you know.

Look out of the window now. You see trees and flowers and walls.The flowers soften the walls, the trees shade the flowers, the green opens the mind to “as above so below” and the walls remind you of what humans build to keep their true nature out. Inside the walls you are safe from the outside world, yes, except in a storm, and yet you are not truly free. Outside the walls you may not be entirely safe from the outside world but you are free. You can look up and see the vastness of space overhead, you can look down and see the vastness of Earth beneath your feet. You can hear birdsong more clearly and feel the breeze on your skin. Outside is where you find the connection to Source more intensely. And this is true of all life.

Meditation, in the quiet inner spaces of your mind, you are safe and can touch the essence of Source. Yes, this is a pure and serene way to remember your way home. However, try the meditation of walking amongst the other beings of this world and knowing all is Source. Seeing your essence in them, feeling Source flow between you, connecting you, entwining you and opening you to being free to be outside. Inner work meditation is all very well for connection where you feel unconnected. Where you wish to connect most truly to Source, however, you need to be outside amongst the energetic flow of the human world. Yes, it is so.

She, the Star

She stands there, her little gloved hands flipped out like penguin “wings”. My heart leapt to my mouth. So serene in her long black dress, the blonde wavy wig curving down her back and the parasol at just the right angle. I’d dreamt this the other night, it was a clear then as it is right now. My girl, my daughter, about to step into the limelight of her future.

The movie set was a misty haze, soft and eerie, like her future. She couldn’t know where this would take her, it may set her in the stratosphere of super stars or plummet her to the depths of the has beens. I know though, yes I do, for the dream showed me. My little girl, my angel with the penguin flippy hands, she is soaring high above even the best of the best. This is her vehicle to the walk of fame. From here she will fly.

From here she will leave me, her Mum. It is up to me to love her enough to let her follow her dream, to let her go and trust she will always come back. Although it hurts, although it feels as though my world is disintegrating, I let her go into the mist of her bright future.

I cry.

Conservatory Skull

Skull Candy

Well, the conservatory is a fine place to end up. Sitting and watching the seasons roll by overhead. Somehow I always felt I would end up in a museum, admired from afar and kept under lock and key. Such illusions are really only for the living. Once the body is gone all that remains is a small piece of will, a tiny seed of remembering. Egypt has gone now, long gone in dark times and even darker tombs. I, Cleopatra, have been moved from place to place, never kept for long.

Ugh, moths, I’m not fond of moths even now. It is better than rats, far better than dogs and eternally better than a wet Roman sewer.

Now I will watch the seasons flow past and remember until I fade into nothingness.