Aura-Soma ™ Colour and Light.

Aura-Soma (tm) Equilibrium Bottles

Aura-Soma ™ Equilibrium Bottles

Colour as a reading tool, the beauty and depth of a system so complete it is incomparable.

This year I am returning to the study of colour, it is a big step, a deep step.

2 thoughts on “Aura-Soma ™ Colour and Light.

  1. I believe myself as a crystal plant wicca woman there is more to Aurasoma and Vicky Wall than colour, or why would each bottle contain energies of crystals and plants. My attraction is initially color usually varieties of greens, pinks and yellow,my injured heart and solar plexus. For me anyway I am healed not just by the color that is invisible when sprayed into the atmosphere or rubbed onto the body (unless the Christ quintessence and other colour saturated ones). Anyway best wishes and blessings on your journey. Myself as I live in a small country town whose spiritual shops have all gone bust am trying to decide from pictures whether to work with another Archangel (( Chamual) B104 which appears to resonate most or the pink/ rose pink B23. Funny as soon as I wrote this I decided on B104 so thankyou for listening. I have no idea who you are but thankyou for clarifying my dilemma.
    Good fortune and love Justine

  2. You are absolutely correct, the system is much deeper than simply colour, the crystal and plant energy is what drives the vibration. That and the intention when the bottles are “born” into the system. Vicky Wall gave us a very deep system, deeper than I can explain here. Chamael is a stunning bottle, Archangel of Mars, strong and resilient :) one of my favourites.

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