She, the Star

She stands there, her little gloved hands flipped out like penguin “wings”. My heart leapt to my mouth. So serene in her long black dress, the blonde wavy wig curving down her back and the parasol at just the right angle. I’d dreamt this the other night, it was a clear then as it is right now. My girl, my daughter, about to step into the limelight of her future.

The movie set was a misty haze, soft and eerie, like her future. She couldn’t know where this would take her, it may set her in the stratosphere of super stars or plummet her to the depths of the has beens. I know though, yes I do, for the dream showed me. My little girl, my angel with the penguin flippy hands, she is soaring high above even the best of the best. This is her vehicle to the walk of fame. From here she will fly.

From here she will leave me, her Mum. It is up to me to love her enough to let her follow her dream, to let her go and trust she will always come back. Although it hurts, although it feels as though my world is disintegrating, I let her go into the mist of her bright future.

I cry.